just got two mr816s--mistake not getting UR824?

Just got two mr816 x units and I do like them very much…but wondering if I should have went with the UR824 because they are newer…I just haven’t seen much feedback on the UR824 so I guess I was wary about them…did I make a mistake going with the older MR816?

As far as I understand, they should be very similar sonically. There are reports stating the MR has a much lower latency than the UR. And there are operational differences that you can understand by comparing the user manuals (the MR’s is much better, but operations can be understood even in the UR’s one).


No, I wish I had my MR back instead of the UR I currently have.

I do not think you made a mistake. The UR’s are not just USB2 versions of the MR’s.

Can you please clarify. The sound is different?

I believe the UR824’s JETPLL is a upgrade from the MR816 clocking.
Can anyone confirm?

All the interfaces I have heard with JETPLL sound excellent, despite inferior A/D topology compared to the MR series. I doubt Steinberg would have compromised anything in that regard so in theory the UR816 should sound better as it’s specs indicate (22khz).
Only your papillon may notice.