just hello from my side!


I’m tom, I recently got myself cubase 7.5 - I am planning to use it alongside with logic pro, best of both worlds I guess, maybe I can even sync them with timecode over some virtual midi cable :smiley: - will see!

oh, and I will probably need the old installer disks, if any of you have them, that would be great!

uhm, well yeah, thats all about me, been making music for more than 10 years though :wink: - and since about 4 years I quit all social stuff about promoting my music for being able to redefine myself…

anyways, hi there, just wanted to say hello!

anyone using logic and cb alongside too? any experiences so far?



Njoy your stay:)

Is your name by any chance tom reinhardt?

uhm no, but funny that you guessed “tom”, that’s how I used to be called!

So tom is not, tom? As in I’m tom? Or is it? :unamused:

I am not sure! - anyways, does anyone have original cubase 5 installers? support did not respond, would be willing to pay you 2 mBTC for putting it on dropbox, it would be totally ok I guess, since I own cb 7.5, I just don’t really like and middle mouse drag does not work quite right, maybe it will with cubase 5

edit: a good half sunday afternoon later I’m starting to like it :slight_smile: still I would need cb5 though

In my opinion it’s not very funny, especially since the first thing you did in your post was to say “hello I’m tom!” :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

In my opinion it is very funny, not knowing my name :mrgreen:

I’m iBM, or… maybe not? :laughing:

But hallo back at you… tom, or??? :confused:

omg im stupid, didn’t realize…I need to be careful…the nsa is lurking everywhere!