Just in case anyone forgot what a real drummer does


If you’re into this it’s good fun. Drum solo week on David Letterman. Anyone know when these were shown?

ps: I know he’s more unreal than real.

Thanks Conman!
Gavin is really awesome.

Thanks for sharing, that is insane!

Nice! :slight_smile:

Just wait until he gets really good… :confused: :laughing:

Cheers, thanks for that. :mrgreen:

I’ll see you yours, and raise you this…



  1. How come drummers seem to sweat more now than they did back then (and GK and BR were even wearing suits and ties!)??!
  1. Can I get a plug in like that?? :laughing:

  2. Here’s the low-brow “Wedding Drummer” version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ItZyaOlrb7E&NR=1

  3. Maybe he grew up in Burundi? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gpsq_61CqMk

And I will actually be recording with THIS guy next month: :astonished:



Way cool… drums and congas at the same time!

Yeah i love that part too, sounds great too!

Could of done with a bit more COWBELL… :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :mrgreen:

You think? I thought he had just the perfect amount myself.
But then…can you ever REALLY have enough??


And did you spot the snare trickery at 0:52? That was impressive.

AND for anyone who may be interested Michael actually has a drum service available… so any one interested in having Micahel play on your projects, well… you can! :smiley: I thought his rates, given his industry profile, were pretty reasonable.

Check this out:



Commonly known in the metal circles as a Gravity Blast !!!

Now… if he could do that on a cow bell :laughing:

Hey! This threw up some excellent stuff. Cheers for the comebacks guys. :smiley:

Buddy Rich is always surprising. Still up there. Even though he never rings me back these days. :smiling_imp:

Then again he never rang anyone back.

Incidental note; Carl Palmer married Buddy’s daughter.

This guy’s my personal favourite: Jojo Mayer

…check him out here recording with his band “Nerve”… such a kick-ass sound from the drums !

He looked better a few years ago. :confused:
Still a stellar player however!