just installed-ip address timing out on ipad issues

Hi guys, just recently bought the iC Pro from the apple app store for my apple ipad to go with my Cubase le seven. I downloaded the SKI remote from the cubase website for my windows 7 and installed correctly. When I launch the app on my ipad it is asking for me to put in my ip address. I went to view network connections, click on details and it shows ip address, when i type in , it times out. I watched the video on cubase website in the iC pro SKI remote section of locating my ip address but when I add it, it just times out. I even tried to use the ip address in my wifi section on my ipad ,no luck. Im using a belkin router and have a Ethernet cable going from the router to the computer the cubase is installed on. Can you guys walk me through the correct steps to get this thing to link up with my cubase software. Thanks a bunch, Reba