Just installed NEK - where is Groove Agent One?

Just got my upgrade for the NEK and have installed it and all the additional content on the first disc, and VST sound collection second disk, but upon running Nuendo I’m not getting Groove Agent One appearing in my list of available VSTi. Tried refreshing the plugin information but no luck. Where is it?

Tried reinstalling the NEK but that just immediately said it was fine and didn’t need to continue.

If it makes a difference, I was accidentally sent an Educational license, but have been informed it isn’t a problem and will be updated.

Turns out this may be because I’ve installed the Nuendo 5 NEK update on top of Nuendo 5.5 … doing huge download now. Should this sort it?

Ok Installing 5.5 update gave me GA1.

Now I’m having more problems.

Base library for Halion and GA1 are completely missing. Made sure locations were present in media bay and still nothing. The only thing I am getting is the additional content for Halion One.


Been thinking about getting NEK but this doesn’t sound good.
Are you saying that you had to un-install Nuendo and then download and re-install Nuendo with Nek, and it still isn’t working properly?

Can anyone else comment here? What is the proper or most trouble free way to install NEK if you already have Nuendo 553 installed?

Steinberg support directed me to HalionSonic SE, where it appears I can access all of the Halion One and Groove Agent One sounds.

I still can’t access them in HO or GAO, which is somewhat of a problem, especially if I want to edit individual drums which I can’t do with HalionSonic.

Steinberg phone support were not terribly helpful as they made me go through several steps such as deleting preferences without letting me know the side effects this causes, and I’ve lost a load of my custom settings in Nuendo which will take me a substantial amount of time to get back. Steinberg - please tell your customer support to inform their customers what side effects actions they suggest will cause before they do it. Reminds me of speaking to other company’s bad support when they tell you to do things like reinstall Windows!