Just installed Nuendo 11 Trial on OSX Big Sur 11.2Beta (Intel Macbook)

Steinberg released a 60 day Trial version of Nuendo 11.0.0.

I just installed it on my Intel Macbook Retina, OSX Big Sur 11.2 Beta2.
The install went flawless, Trial license succesfully deposited on my E-licenser USB dongle.
Nuendo opens just fine.
Now, time for Happy Testing ! :wink:

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Hi, how is it going? Do you ever find issues after exporting your audio using Nuendo 11 such as pitch and tempo changes? I am using Mac OS Big Sur. Is there anything I can do to fix the pitch & tempo change afetr I export my audio?

Pitch and tempo change? Looks like playback at wrong sample rate, ie 44.1 vs 48 kHz, or something like that.