Just installed UR824 and Cubase 7 - SLUGGISH

i7 2600
8GB RAM 1600Mhz
Samsung 120GB SSD
Cubase 7.0.6

When I load an audio track even without plugins in Cubase it hangs for several seconds, I’ve never had this problem with Cubase before.

Does anyone know why? And also whether it’s happened to you?

I’ve tried disabling the internet, trying different USB ports and updating Cubase to no avail…

It’s very frustrating to buy a new product and feel like I’ve downgraded… Also my whole system performance generally feels a bit hindered

Also, on my audio input activity in the right hand side of the Transport bar I keep getting spikes of supposed audio coming in

I presume you have the latest driver for your UR824? There were issues like this raised in the hardware forum and a fix produced although that was a while ago now.

By the way the forum is here: http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewforum.php?f=157

Also just noticed there is a recent update for mine as well

Thanks Kieth, it seemed I was being somewhat foolish, I had it in a USB 3 port but after I moved to a 2.0 I also read in the documentation that 3.0 is OK with Intel chipsets, mine is Intel but I guess it didn’t want to play ball.

The other problem I have now is trying to get latency free monitoring IN Cubase with the new DSP amp racks, or DSP channel strip effects.

When I I enable the Hardware tab in the mixer it seems like I’m doing everything right but can find no way to monitor the signal except to route it to an audio track which induces latency!

Any ideas are much appreciated, sorry for the noobery

I’ve got to learn to read manuals more thoroughly…

Cubase> Device Setup> Yammaha USB Audio> Tick Direct Monitoring

Untick when you want latency monitoring back

My apologies