Just needed to say it...

Cubase 6 rocks!!. Been playing with it for a couple of hours before starting properly and I just keep bursting into laughter. Loopmash 2 is amazing. Groove Agent does everything I always wished it did, Sonic SE is great fun and the improvements in things like time stretch are fantastic.

Big thanks and congratulations to the company. Cubase 7 will have to have an app’ that phones the head of A+R at Polydor and plays your track straight into his/her ear to get me off C6.(Think about that) :smiley:

Is that 24bit string?


I recommend only the highest grade yo-yo string, and only use new, unused Del Monte products cans (you can order them on the web) in order to maintain the best sound quality (I’ve heard Jolly Green Giant cans will work good, too)

I have VST string and therefore am better than all of you. :sunglasses:


String theory.

In 11 or 12 dimensions?

I think you mean Yo-Yo Ma string?

TrevorG, I agree that

Cubase 6 rocks!!

When us old timers (I’m not suggesting that you are, TrevorG!) think back to the days of their old Tascam A3440 or Fostex 8-track, demagnetisers, razor blades, “tape tape”, drop-outs, Dolby C calibration, rubber cleaning solution, unreliable SMPTE sync, and bad takes “going critical” (I’ll NEVER get it right!) etc., etc. we thank our lucky stars, and gaze with gratitude and awe upon

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I’m a couple of years away from fifty and the first thing I ever wrote for television was recorded on a Tascam 688! - yes I still remember how to splice tape. You didn’t mention getting all your string player mates together for an eight bar bridge and checking if the sax player was sober enough to read what you’d written but I’m going to stick your post on a t-shirt anyway.

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actually…in G.

Good thread :blush:

I heard some string can make things sound ropey and the wrong can makes the whole mix tinny. :blush: :blush:

Ahh…you must have a clean VST 3.5 can and 64bit string to be in contention :wink: .


No, Yo-Mama! :laughing:

With a G String no less. :astonished:

C6 is cool, just to be OT.


I seriously doubt you would be splicing cassette tapes on a 688. :open_mouth:

Ceiling Duck - TrevorG didn’t say he spliced 688 tapes! Anyway, he might have spliced a 688 tape, or any cassette tape, that got chewed up. Ah! Happy days!

It was implied.

Zebbie is correct and it was implied because occasion did arise for me to splice tape from the 688 that had got mangled. Slicing I’d been doing since the mid 70s.

But never mind the nit-picking. I can officially tell you how long is a piece of string because I’ve just done 14 hours on the trot in the studio(four of them with my singer) on some pretty taxing tracks and not so much as a glitch from Cubase 6!!! :astonished:

14 hours… :open_mouth: in a row… :open_mouth: on XP … :open_mouth: in a state of shock… :confused: my singer gave out first… :unamused: going to play some more… :smiley:

I love you Steinberg. :laughing:

Should i or not !!??
Or should i start (another) poll ??? :confused: :sunglasses:

Is it that benefit to own CB SIX !???

I won’t lie…at this point I think the guitar rack is a bit over rated but everything else is way better than I expected. The stability is the big shock. Time stretching is sublime. Sonic makes life a lot easier as does GA One. The new comping does take time to get used to and the colouring doesn’t help but you can really trust it. Loopmash2 was a shock…from irritating toy to vital part of the arsenal. My singer was convinced it sounded better but she put that down to my enthusiasm. Saying that, the comping impressed her. There’s a few things I haven’t got into yet but all I can say is if you writing for picture, commercials, pop, orchestral…you won’t be wasting your money. I loved C5 so much C6 was not really an option. The ability to play different video files pushed me over the edge.

Now I can’t wait for one of those Logic owners to start so I can just smile and walk away.