Just one NI plugin eats up 85% cpu on c6

Hey guys i just got cubase 6. everythin is runnin fine until i open a native instrument plugin & it eats up 85% of cpu on only just one plugin. But when open up the same plugin in cubase 5 everythin is back 2 normal… Any i deal why this is happening.
Am currenlty using windows7 64 bit… Cubase 64bit… i7 1.86, 6gigg ram SSD 256 Sound card USB AudioCapture UA-25EX.
Any help Welcome… Cheers!


could you perhaps tell which plugin and which version of it ?



Its Ni 64bit versions. Same problem on all the plugins Battery, Kontak, Massive, just all the vst plugins on NI. But no problems with vst plugins wththin c6

This is curious - I haven’t seen any significant difference in resource-usage between Cub 5 and Cub 6 using Komplete 64bit plugins.

Is there any other difference going on here that could explain the difference? Are you doing the comparison with the same very simple stripped down project in both Cubase versions?

yes i have actually also opened a c5 project on c6 It just max out the Cpu & crashed.

I’m having the same issue here.
A project that was light on the CPU in C5 is notheavily taxing my system.
(W7 64 bit) Not happy!

Oh boy , at last someone else… LOL I think its the same thing all over with cubase, always problems with d release of a new software. Anyway i have call tech support & they looking in2 it. hoping they fine a solution…

cool. please let me know if you find something…


ok would do.

Hey i seem 2 find wht the problem is with cubase6 not wrking with Native instrument plugins… for sum reason cubase6 is pick up 32bit versions of NI instead of the 64bit version, with is causing problems wth d Vst brigde.
Will keep u posted. Ur may not have the same problem, but just 2 make sure, open up cubase6… then go 2 Devices then plugin Info, Then check the plugin in question & see if its got Win32 beside it… if so, Then cubase6 is picking up the 32bit version.
Got this info from NI…
cubase has advice 2 reinstall NI & this should reslove the problem… fingers crossed :confused:
Wiil keep posted

Hey problem sloved… :smiley: I jsut went in2 my computer, programmes files, Steinberg, Cubase 6. Then delete All the Native instrument VSt plugins in cubase 6… Then copied All the Native instrument dlls… in cubase5 2 cubase 6. Nxt when u open cubase6 it will find all d 64bits versions of NI… bear in mind reaktor & kore player are still 32bits… Hope this helps with ur problem 2.