Just one repeat ending

Perhaps this sound a bit odd, but I would like to ask for the possibility to add just one “repeat ending” or to change the number of repeats in the properties panel to 1. As long as there is no option to add lines, this could be a possibility to have a box over one or more bars with custom text. I know that this not really a repeat ending any more …

I too would like this. The repeat bracket (specifically the double-ended bracket placed over the first ending) can be useful in the middle of music placed measures away from either repeat symbol. I have, for instance, a piece were in the middle of one section there is one measure that is only played the first pass. I need the “first ending bracket” to mark only that measure with custom text “first time only” however I cannot get the 2nd ending bracket to go away.

We did consider this when we added the repeat endings feature, but we decided that really this is a different kind of marking altogether, and should be handled differently. I’m not sure when we will address this, but it is something we do plan to come back to.

Hello - does anyone know if this feature (just one repeat ending) has been implemented in some form? Given Daniel’s comment that it “a different kind of marking altogether”, I am not certain what to search on, so may be missing something. I’ll feel pretty foolish if it has been in for ages!

Thanks in advance,

Geoff D.

No, it’s not been implemented as yet, I’m afraid.

Thanks very much for the information Daniel.
Geoff D.

Thanks Dorico team!

Wouldn’t the new lines option cover this? At least for optional or first-pass-only measures it would. Just use a new line and set the anchor points to barlines.

Hi Daniel,
I waited for the arrival of the line tool. Unfortunaltely it will not allow me, what I want to have in this case. Please, look at this example:

This is not an “repeat” ending, but it is an ending and it definitely looks like a repeat ending:

  • same line stlye
  • same font style
  • same font postion
  • same position above and below the system

I am sure, that the functionality of the lines will be improved over time, but I would appreciate it very much, if you would allow just one ending. I would just be perfect …

I do not understand what you would change from the image above. The hooks?

Dorico 3.1 can get pretty close though …

I’m sort of assuming line thickness and end cap length will be coming in the next update. If not, I would definitely like to add that as a feature request as the ability to individually edit these properties seems pretty essential to the lines feature. Oddly, I have never noticed that Dorico doesn’t have a rhythmic dot vertical position adjustment until I tried to replicate HeiPet’s example. There isn’t a way to move these now is there? If not, that seems like a pretty valuable feature to add too.

you most certainly can do something that looks like this

Fred, you were more committed than I was lol.
Looks like you might have placed text manually. Mine is centered because it’s a property of the line itself.

:laughing: Yeah, I just did Shift-X text.

This actually leads to a nice FR for D4: the ability to not only chose above/below/centered for the text but to also chose Left/right/center justified.

Derrek, the example is not Dorico. It is from an publication from Strube Verlag in Munich. It was an example, what I want to achieve.

Thanks for your all your thoughts an effort! I still think, that a possibility to have just one ending would be the quickest way to get a proper result without having to do a lot of workaround or manual adjustments - at least at the moment.

I’m so at a loss for how to help you.

You say you want to achieve the same as the pic you post.

Two people show you that what you want exactly can be done (it took me all of 4 minutes, and most of that time was opening dorico, creating a blank file, inputting some notes, etc.).

You’re still not pleased. What we demonstrated is that what you want is a perfect use-case for the lines feature. Dorico can’t possibly do all your homework for you.

I suppose the other option is to use first and second endings, use special text for the second ending (which will only be on top, not on bottom too) and then use affinity designer to delete the line of the first ending manually.

Thank you, Romanos401 and FredGUnn for taking the time to try out and help me, what is possible with the new lines tool. I addressed my post to Daniel, because I was referring to the older discussion. I was waiting for the lines tool to see, if it will bring me the desired result. I did this and found out, that I can’t get the result without some extra tweaking (adjusting lines and text, which I have managed myself already). If the DEV team would allow to lower the number of endings to “1”, there would be no more workarounds necessary for me. My perfect result is just one digit away … Daniel, please! Dorico sometimes behaves to German - says the German.

I agree, this is a good feature request. You can fake it with music frames too. Just cut off the 2nd ending so it isn’t visible in the frame and start a new one. It’s a lot of extra work obviously, but doable now if you need to.

I’m still concerned there’s no way to adjust the vertical dot position to fully replicate your example. There’s not, is there? Or am I just missing it?

There is no way to adjust the rhythm dot positions, no, though in this case they’re surely wrong in the original example anyway.