just ordered Cubase 6. 64bit Rewire?

just ordered cubase 6, but have few questions before I start using it:

currently I use cubase 4 32bit with reason 5. almost all my projects utilize reason. (I use reason more than vsti because of Triton, Trinity and MOtif XS refills, because of reason’s light cpu usage and of devices routing flexibility.

I read different statements about 64but rewire. maybe because of articles from different dates. So, as of today, will I be able to transfer my cubase 4 32bit projects than have reason rewired to Cubase 6 64bit and still use reason thru rewire?


Reason 5 is 32 bit-only, so until you also update to Reason 6, even if Cubase had 64 bit rewire (it is supposed to soon) it would not work. You’ll need to upgrade Reason.

The good news is that you can install both 64 and 32 bit Cubase on a PC (or run them both from a single install on a mac). This will allow you to rewire to Reason 5 the day Cubase arrives.


ok, makes more sense now. thanks.
I guess i’ll be using cubase 6 32bit for a while…

I had a typo, should have read “you can install both 32 and 64 bit Cubase

After years of waiting for the industry to be more “stable” w 64-bit support, I finally upgraded from Cubase SX3 to Cubase 6. Nice. (I didn’t see the compelling need to upgrade before now.) But I am disappointed to find out that its looking like it ultimately won’t matter for my workflow which involves Ableton LIVE (32bit). :cry:

My issue is that the newer sample libraries (orchestral libraries/Ivory 2/large drums samples) are huge. I’m now using Kontakt 5 (64bit) and Ivory 2 (64bit) and was assuming that Cubase 6 (64bit) would interface effortlessly with Ableton LIVE which I knew was only 32bit - but I didn’t even think about the Rewire protocol being an issue. Or is it?? Since Rewire is a type of protocol rather than a true app, when Steinberg releases a 64bit Rewire update, will it allow LIVE to work? (I didn’t even think about 64bit protocol not being backwards compatible to 32bit with Rewire since most other 32bit apps are.)

I did buy the jBridge app and under Cubase SX3 (32bit) it did work but was a bit finicky and was crackly with the GUI of plugins open, unless my audio buffer was set high (such as 512.) I am wondering if the jBridge may work better under Cubase 6 (32bit.)

In a nutshell, my plight is not being able to utilize more than 4G of RAM!!! It’s 2012 and I can’t believe with the huge samples that have been out for a while, we’re still limited to 4G of RAM in the chain. If I load in a few of these samples in a 32bit host, my RAM is effectively maxxed and LIVE will crash almost immediately. I do think ABLETON needs to get in the game (it’s a remarkable program).

So when Cubase releases the Rewire 64bit update, can I run Cubase 64bit, Kontakt 64bit (dll) and Ableton LIVE (32bit) with Rewire 64bit?? Or am I stuck waiting for LIVE 64bit and will have to jBridge or some other workaround?

Thanks for any insight gang.


UPDATE: I’m finding Cubase’s MEDIA BAY and the better loop implementation to finally be quite musical and even much more versatile than Ableton LIVE. Yay! I might not have to use LIVE very much now. Cool.