Just purchased 11 No Activation Code

I just purchased the upgrade from 10.5 to 11.
Received the download code and installed the software
Tried to launch Cubase 11 and it asks for the activation code but I didn’t receive it in the confirmation purchase email like I did when I upgraded to 10 and 10,5.
Can anyone assist w/ how to get the activation code for Cubase 11?

Thank you in advance for any assistance.


Have you entered the Download Access Code into the Steinberg Download Assistant? You will get the activation code there or you can choose the activate it directly.

Yep. After the installation, it took me to eLicenser to enter the Activation Code.
I ended up checking to verivy if my purchase of Cubase 11 upgrade was in “My Products”
It wasn’t in there so re-registered Cubase 11 with the download code and the Activation code came up.
I also updated my eLicenser at this time.
Launched Cubase 11 AGAIN and the Activation code window popped up and I entered the Activation code.
This worked.

What a Royal PITA$$! But Thanks Matthias for the assistance. ((:

Glad that it worked out in the end. Sorry for the inconvenience. Did we mention that we aren’t happy with usability neither and that we working on a new license management system…

Quick update. Steinberg finally did email me the Activation Code 2 hours later.
What the hell is going on?. They always email the code right away.

I’ve been w/ Cubase since SX and I’m used to the dongle debacle but c’mon at least get the backend Activation code distribution system right. sheesh!

Anyway Thanks for the help.

Just had the same issue with the original download and attempted launch of Cubase 11. Did a chat with support, they sent me to asknet. So I put an email into USA Support and message into the phone system at asknet. I haven’t heard from either, but found this thread (thanks!) and the solution of re-entering the download code worked for me as well. Just wanted to add a second hand raised as to this issue.