Just purchased Connect Pro 5 full version: EDIT: Voucher finally added after delay

I tried clicking the support box but it is a dead link on the Steinberg site. I have emailed but in the meantime, am I missing something? New purchase and instead of the new Steinberg code I received a licenser code and there is no voucher to update. The ReadMe didn’t help either…what step am I missing here?

Download Steinberg Download Manager and enter your code. Alternatively, use Steinberg Activation Manager and activate your license there.

I know this and already did but it registered on the eLincencer which isn’t compatible.

… can you please contact me? (m.spork (at) steinberg.de) Then we’ll see what is going on,

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Sent but now the Voucher has appeared. It seems there’s a long delay for it to appear in the account.