Just purchased Cubase 10 artist - updates/upgrades?

Hi everyone. I am not completely new to Cubase. I used it many years about back between 2005 and 2008. I took a break and it seems quite a bit has changed. Anyways. The VSTi that I currently have don’t seem like the latest versions of them. Cubase 10 artist came equipped with some already, but I was wondering if I had to pay to get any of the updates/upgrades? Also, the ones that I don’t have that show up in the download assistant, are any of those free or do I have to go to the Steinberg store and purchase those as well? All I really want is just the latest versions of the VSTis that came with Cubase 10 Artist.

The CB installer should include/install all the VSTs that are included with Cubase.

Here is a comparison chart that shows what is included…


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