Just purchased Cubase - No idea how to use the activation code


I’ve just purchased Cubase and have an activation code sent via email, like so:

What do I do with this code? Where does it go?

If I install and run Cubase I get asked for a licence. Fine.

So I do this:

And I then see this:

I’m very confused. I’ve just purchased Cubase, I have an activation code but this whole process isn’t intuitive at all. What do I need to do to get up and running? Do I seriously have to wait for a USB device to arrive?

Yes, the USB dongle is where your licence will live. You need to finish the activation process with it plugged in so the licence can get “installed” in there.
Cubase won’t run without it either.

I appreciate the reply and clarification @Aldergrover. Thank you.

Is there an appropriate place / way to send Steinberg feedback, because waiting x weeks to use a piece of software that can be instantly downloaded but not run really isn’t very modern.

What confused me so much was this email (detailing the original offer of upgrading from artist to pro)

The way this reads is if it’s download you’re doing, it’s just the activation code via email you need and then, hey! You’re up and running!

Yeah, they’re talking about how the actual promo works, more than the activation in general, but it’s very clumsily phrased.
If you go to steinberg.com - mysteinberg - my products, and click on the arrow on your registered software, you’ll find a Request Support button.
You’ll find on this forum that the dongle thingy is kind of split between lovers and haters…