Just Purchased Cubase Pro 8 But Can Not Use It

This is horrible, cubase 7.5 runs perfect on my desktop. Now I get this message when I try to launch Cubase 8.
DWM composition is not running. Please switch to Aero theme. Ok, so I switched to Aero theme but still get the error message and Aero is working. Cmon Steinberg you guys should have made it more clear that in order to use pro 8 you would have to invest in a new video card that supports WDDM 1.1. yes I know you put the system requirements. but, I did not see that until after I purchased the upgradeā€¦ I am running a dual core win7 pc 32 bit with 3 monitors using 2 radeon video cards for a total of 3 vga outputs. yes I know my computer is old but It works perfectfly for my needs up until this Upgrade to cubase pro 8. at least create a driver that we can use to run it or provide some type of work around and support for those of us that do not have the latest computer setups.
Any help in getting rid of this problem will be greatly appreciated. I searched the internet and there are others with the same problem. some have even spent the money on new video cards and still get this Horrible message. Now I am being forced to upgrade my system Just to use this upgrade to pro 8. someone needs to address this issue Immeadiately. I am very appalled about this. You should have put a warning box IN RED LETTERS explaining this annomally right at the upgrade page, It sure would have saved me $100.00, which BTW, is a little steep for those of us like myself that have been loyal to Steinberg since version VST 2.7 !!! How about a loyal customer consideration for those of us that have been with you for 5 or even 3 years or more ??? In My Case close to 20 Years of faithful loyalty.

:massive facepalm and shaking of head: