Just purchased Nuendo 11


I just ordered Nuendo 11 and waiting for it to arrive in the mail. Should I wait to register my license until version 12 is announced? Or will Nuendo users get a grace period like cubase users are getting for cubase 12 released in 2022?

We also get a grace period I think, but the question is when the next version will arrive. I’m guessing that Cubase 12 will come first and Nuendo 12 a few months after that. So if Cubase 12 shows up in February for example then I wouldn’t expect Nuendo 12 until say April. That’s like 5 months from now.

An upgrade today from 10 to 11 is $200. There’s often an introductory price so say it’s going to be $150 for you. You can divide that by 5 and that’s $30 you would probably “lose” per month if you activate N11 when you get it instead of waiting. And then you can decide if it’s worth that money to use N11 during this period.

Steinberg Nuendo upgrades are pretty cheap in my opinion, so if I were you I’d just use it.

Thanks for the reply. Think I’ll probably register it soon