just put 5 tracks on Soundcloud

Hi everyone, just managed to get to the stage where I feel I can put some music up for other ears, If you have the time to have a listen any feedback is welcome…plus If I can help anybody I’d be happy to…regards to you all, Kevin


Hi, I listened to the first two. Well done! The one comment I would make is that they are very tame sounding; not much dynamics, and lots of reverb. But I think that was what you were probably after. Anyway, thanks for posting it!

thanks for the comments…how do you instill dynamics into a song…I’d love to know…have i compressed everything too much or what ?

Well, as much to do with velocity as volume, I’d say… more variety in the drum hit velocities for example. Parts where you sing hard and parts where you sing softly. Not just layers, but contrasts between restraint and exuberance. That will come out even if highly compressed. But really your choice depending on the feelings you want to convey. Would also suggest you try to vary some of the parts, for example you have some bass parts that are the same note repeated over several measures. Maybe throw in some drum fills.

Thank you, it seems obvious now you’ve said it but your dead right…I’ll be taking your advice…Kevin

Im only on the first song…but I like the melody, vocals, acoustic guitar, keys, and pads!

Now I’m only listening on earbuds, but the drums are definitely missing some punch and are missing some great opportunities to come in big at :45 and 2:07. Also, the electric guitar tone leaves something to be wanted…u using an amp sim??

Overall it feels very 80’s which is very nostalgic to me. I hope that’s the sound u were going for :wink:

Again, I’m only on earbuds, but its nice!

Hi, thanks for taking the time to listen and comment, I agree with you regarding the drums and guitar…i always have probs building a song…if I put more in it just seems to get messy and noisy…got a lot to learn about production, the art of keeping everything separate…I think a remix is on the cards…thanks again Kevin

and yes I was using an amp sim

Good luck to you then…I guess just keep playin with the amp sim till u find something u like. It’ll give u some good practice too just twisting knobs, even though it seems like it gets u no closer to how u want it to sound sometimes lol.

Regarding drums, are u using a drum sample player like (Battery or BFD) or were those recorded live? There’s definitely some ideal general EQing/mixing/compression techniques that work for drums. Whole books could be written JUST about mixing drums.


I’m using EZ drummer…I think my main problem is laziness, It’s not enough to just write a song nowadays…you have to do all the window dressing as well, which means I gotta knuckle down and take more time on production…

Haha I just talked to my friend about that. His band broke up so he wants to record the songs he wrote…but the time it takes him to lay down other people’s parts, plus the “intricacies” of learning all the diff programs has him so daunted.

Plus he’s a lazy clown who plays too many video games :laughing:

I came across this on Facebook today:


There’s a bunch of those kinda things around, but it’s good to see the ideal freq ranges and what they accentuate in the different instruments. Bass drum and snare are the first two I believe.