Just realized Cubase has everything that you could think of

sometimes, when I refer to the manual my mind blows up because of the variety of opportunities hidden under the hood.
Also I have noticed that the majority of feature request appear because of lack of knowledge… but not all.

I doesn’t have any way to set the probability of an individual note playing. I spend a ridiculous amount of time trying to come up with solutions for this.

It also doesn’t have a way of combining multiple vst instruments into a single patch. (If it does please enlighten me!)

It does not, and I hope it never does. IMO, the DAW needs to focus on the basic functions of a DAW and make those functions bullet-proof.

For those who wish the above feature, there are 3rd parties for combining VSTs into a single patch. The best IMO would be Kore or Kore2. Combining multiple VSTs is just a start. Morphing between VST patches in real time…or even sometimes between VSTs…plus a better browser than any other NI product is what Kore is all about. Unfortunately NI abandoned Kore for higher revenue and addressed a wider market with stuff like Maschine. Kore isn’t instant gratification to the masses because you need time to learn it. That is one reason why it failed.

However another alternative, even though JWH hasn’t implemented any morphing at this time, is New Sonic Arts FreeStyle. Download a demo and combine your dreams.

Again, IMO, this is stuff that is best left to 3rd parties. Very rarely will a DAW developer create something better than what the 3rd party already markets. Especially when the developer was one of the brains behind NI when it was still an innovative company.

It also doesn’t have a way of combining multiple vst instruments into a single patch. (If it does please enlighten me!)

Or try PluginGuru’s Unify.

Ableton, Reason and Studio One all seem to pull it off just fine. I personally prefer everything all under one roof , fully integrated. Although I will check out the suggestions, thanks.

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Actyally it does!

Just in different way:

  1. method

    As you know if we copy one midi event with holding shift button - we get mirror of our midi event.
    So you can add all yout VSTi, group them into one track. and just copy even by holding Shift and you can control ALL VSTi from 1 midi event

  2. method

    You can use MIDI SEND at midi channel and all MIDI CC will be sended to all synths (1 knob to control them all)

Thanks @djgraver :slight_smile: the first tip is a good one for constructing stuff no good for performance patches though. I have found folders are my friend, put all the instruments in there and arm them all with one control. I just wish you could save a Folder like a track preset though, that would satisfy me.

The midi sends annoy me because when you render a clip it doesn’t render the audio of the send channel just the master one and with Artist I can’t route instrument sound to an audio track so I rely on rendering in place.

I just create a folder and put multi-instruments inside, you can record/arm/mute/solo with the folder collapsed and all instruments follow. Best part is you can route/mix each instrument how you want - And if you ever decide to pull one out of the multi/folder then it’s a simple drag and drop.

You can also manipulate the regions on the folder track, to copy/duplicate/trim etc.

+1 for this.

I do this as well.

You can save as track archive:
Select Tracks/VSTi/FX/Group what you need load.

Go to File-export-selected tracks (give the name)

In new project
File-import-track archive (choose your file)

All imported and ready to work

It’s funny how I thought totally different on this. Yes, a folder works if this method is what the OP had in mind. I was thinking of a proprietary file where all the instruments and effects are combined into one patch, and then that patch is opened by Kore or NSA FreeStyle. That is just one feature of Kore and NSA FreeStyle.

The basics…


I had to make sure JWH had not added VST morphing yet, however it is on sale. The price of around $80 is tempting if a user is into combining patches.

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@greggybud looks impressive, I’m still using MUX modular, it’s similar. But that one looks like more powerful

Trouble with that is yet another plugin to rely on - i hate hosting plugins within plugins, and when it comes to automation you’re having to control many instruments on a single track which adds an additional layer of complication.

I like using a folder as you can pull the instruments out at a later date if you decide that you want the top layer to play something uniquely different - plus a huge advantage of folders is being able to apply Midi Inserts to the instruments, so you could have a pad and a lead sound but the lead could have an arp in-line, for example.

The only advantage i see is (as you say) having one patch preset for all your multis. However, i don’t use the same combinations, i’m always creating new - so not a benefit to me personally, but for someone who wants a multi library to flick through i can appreciate the advantage.

the other method is to use a free virtual MIDI software router like ipMIDI or CopperLan and so you can use one MIDI track, sent out to virtual MIDI, and then back to all your VSTi instruments.

I looked at Freestyle demo, it’s very similar to Kushview Element which is available for a Patreon donation, so very affordable. These are good tools and let you audition the multi’s in the media bay - a Cubase feature I love.

I don’t like switching to the host gui to build my patches though. I would much prefer a native option. And as this post started out as , this is something Cubase can’t do! :smiley:

Actually Kore comes with a choice of single or up to 16 outs for automation. I don’t know about FreeStyle. At $80 on sale I’m tempted. Just the fact that JWH used to work for NI when they were really innovative, and was involved with Kore development at NI is some motivation to buy it. Plus how it integrates with Nuance…even though I don’t do much EDM… :laughing: Anyway, yes if you don’t like working with a plug that hosts multiple plugs, then it’s not for you.

For the OP however I would not suggest buying a used Kore for the sole purpose of multis because there are lots of other solutions for what I think you desire. Kore opens up a huge assortment of VST options that go far beyond anything else. I think FreeStyle is the closest thing to Kore but still misses some great Kore features like morphing. Also while still working well, Kore has been abandoned so there is no support. Kore was just the first solution that popped in my mind when you asked about a single patch that includes multiple VST/VSTI’s. I never even thought of a simple Cubase folder. LOL

Kore does all this very easily, however it is inside Kore, not the DAW. You can create just one patch containing all your multis or…leave the structure set up for further manipulation just like a folder by not saving it as a performance, and simply loading a Kore file. Yes, just a folder achieves the same but not nearly the options such as patch to patch parameter morphing using the hardware controllers, or the concept of nesting which is where a Kore Multi-sound can hold any other KoreSound instead of a plug-in. Basically Kore sounds inside Kore Sounds…nesting which can provide an advantage…or headache if you don’t stay on top of things.

Cubase is awesome, but it doesn’t have ‘everything’ of which you can think, just take a look at the feature request forum and you will be amazed at all the things you didn’t know you were missing out on! For me though it has everything I need. Those few things it does not do easily I use Ableton (especially thanks to Max for Live). Man cannot live with just one DAW.

I often have this experience working with Cubase and the modest instruments and effects collection I have.

For example, the Flux instrument it. I didn’t like many of the stock patches it came with, but, once I got to know it and began creating my own presets, the power of it emerged. Then I discovered the tremendous number of Arp. Presets it offers, etc. I felt like I’d found my way into a cave of buried treasure.

Sometimes, when searching for inspiration, i’m trying to discover new functions or looking in stock library/synths… and it works!
For me its something like “Brian Eno oblique strategies”, like someone slap mind’s face :smiley: