Just rolled back to flash player 11.1.152 win 64bit

with a tremendous performance boost as a result!!!
YouTube, some silly games and some other stuff included in a quick and dirty test.

Something must be wrong with the latest Flash Player.
Takes forever to load.
It’s sluggish when it finally loads.
It crashes.
It burns !!!
After rolling back it works like a dream again …

Anybody having similar issues with Flash Player

I used “Perfect Uninstaller” to uninstall EVERY TRACE of 11.3.X.

Interesting, what browser do you use?
I’ve been having some issues with flash content lately in IE9 (W7 64 as well), so you may be onto something.

It not just on Win 7 64 bit either.
I’m running Win 7 32 bit and the latest flash player is horrendously unstable.

I used to be able to load 5 or 6 720p Youtube videos with no problems (aside from a slight slow down of my computer). Now, flash player usually crashes.
I’ve taken to calling up the videos in tabs and then terminating the flash player process from Task Manager.

Do you know how frustrating it is to have it crash in the middle of a Youtube video? :imp:

Firefox mainly, but also Google Chrome and IE occasionally, doing web design, but they’re as badly affected as Firefox, I guesstimate.

As a somewhat of a tutorial addict … I know!
" … and now the crucial step, where you have to do like" VIDEOGLITCH!" to have the right result" :imp:

And the rest of the story seems too familiar, too :confused: :laughing:


I just tried to install the ActiveX Flash Player for IE.
Bad news!
The *.exe told me there are newer versions and it won’t be possible to roll back, end of story!
The *.msi had a little more vague error message, but the installation never succeeded.
But that’s just IE which I hardly ever use and a sluggish Flash Player in IE is not something I lose sleep over.


Looked at some Youtube videos in Internet Explorer with Flash Player 11.300.257.
Very smooth!

But what do I know? It might even be “Perfect Uninstaller” that untangled some lines of code somewhere … ?