Just so that You all know about this.

To my earlier post,

Thanks to all the people who stood at my corner at the time of not knowing what exactly was wrong with my setup.I have been in contact with Steinberg Tech support. It is a shame, WL element can not run on Digidesign 003 HW amidst all the hype about their new release on MAC.
Thank God I did not rush to buy the Full Version.

I am doing this for some body to show me exactly where it say, ’ WL ELement 7 is not Compatible with 1… 2…3.Digidesign hardware 003, on this cite. I bought a downloadable version. now I can’t even Use.

I believe in miracle but I don’t see that coming right now from Steinberg. We pay for the product whiles you seat back and wait for us to contact your tech Support and being charge for something you should have done better.

I understand your feelings, but sometimes this happens e.g. with plug-ins, and some of them are very expensive as well.
Your case should be an input for Avid and Steinberg to solve this incompatibility, I suppose more on Avid’s side (new driver?).
When this happens, in your case and many others, the one thing to do is waiting for an upgrade.
Anyway I totally undertsand your frustration. :angry:

I’m sorry your combination does not work, but you should be targeting Avid, not Steinberg. Avid has in the earlier days always ‘protected’ their ProTools market share by making it function only with their own hardware - and the other way around. It may be a bit different nowadays, but your griefs should be aimed at them.

Luck, Arjan