Just some stuff i did. Hope you like it!


I Just been making some more music for you to listen to. This time i was experimenting with the tempo track, it seem’s like a good feature i quite like it, and i also tested out using Low pass automation’s as a way to introduce intrument’s.

I only used Cubase instrument’s so no outside VST’s here.

Let me know what you thought.


https://soundcloud.com/dj-rubemix/secrets < LINK!!!

Nice song. I listen to the whole track and enjoyed it. Thank you :smiley:

sounds good…a nice instrumetal, I think the intro at 40 seconds is too long and the piece needs to develop more, a tune over the chord progression would be nice…but well done it was a good listen…Kevin

yeh ,sounds ok ,could do with some vocals Ibiza style ,the pulse thing you should maybe use a little less ,might work for a few bars 4 ,8 or 16 i dunno then re-introduce it now and again ,could be a cracking track with some good melodies sat on top.

Sounds good here. I pretty much agree with Shadowfax on the development, also beat needs more umph when it comes in. Tempo change doesn’t work for me in either speed up or slow down. You’d get more out of adding instruments to the arrangement. Nice work

What they said plus a little variation in dynamics… Melodies would sit well up top of it all. Nicely done though.


I know what you mean on the Beat thing, i tend to struggle to get the kick to sound more punchy, if ou could give me any advice on that, it’d be great!

lastly I also agree with you on the tempo thing, it was an experimental idea that i wanted to try, but in truth i’m not sure it worked that well. I mean I could have been worse, but the piano sequence ended up sounding just awful because of the speed it was playing at, however after which i felt it picked up again.

Anyway thanks for the response.