Just started: While exporting, computer freezes on and off.

This just started happening last week: When exporting any project in both Cubase or Nuendo (not at the same time, obviously), the computer will completely freeze up on and off during export (and when this happens the export progress bar stops moving). The mouse pointer will freeze on and off with it, etc. It happens on and off during every export. The track exports just fine, but it takes longer because of the total on-and-off freeze-ups.

Has this ever happened to anyone, and if so what did you do to fix it? I haven’t installed any new plugins or any new software in about a month, and this just started happening last week, happens every time now.

I have had that happen with a faulty ADAT cable.
Could be plugin related, or something completely different :-/

Hi In_Stereo,

I was using Sierra on my Macbook pro and after I reformated my machine and installed High Sierra I was getting this same problem. It doesn’t happen on my studio machine (Hackintosh on High Sierra). In my MacBook Pro I ALWAYS had this problem, which is not your case.
In this thread (https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=253&t=135656&start=50) we discuss a little bit about this problem. The moderator said that 9.5.4 is being tested and should fix this issue (I really hope so)

I’m doing massive exports for a couple of post production projects and I’m having the same issue. Some of these exports take an hour, and the computer freezes intermittently, which keeps me from working on other projects while waiting. It has taken me about five minutes just to write these few sentences! I have never experienced this before upgrading to High Sierra. Anyone else having this issue? Anyone figure out how to resolve it?