Just swapped out my GPU. How do I reset my computer key?

I am building a new computer and cannibalized my NVIDIA 2060 from my “current” computer, replacing it with an NVIDIA 1060 I had on hand. This has changed my computer key. How do I reset it to access Dorico 4, Cubase Pro 11, and the eLicenser without getting shut out or receiving warning popups?

I have been to MySteinberg, but I wasn’t sure what to do, and whatever I did has not reset my ID.

Thanks in advance.

What actual errors are you getting? I assume with Cubase Pro 11 you are using a USB-eLicenser, so you should be able to run with that as before. With Dorico Pro, the GPU may or may not make a difference to the licensing, so it would be good to know exactly what’s happening at the moment.

Thank you for your reply. I sent you screen shots of the mssgs via private message.

Although I tried running the eLicenser last night as Administrator to no effect, when I tried it a moment ago after having the computer shut down overnight, the process had the effect intended and seems to have solved the problem.

Thank you for your interest in solving this problem.

Glad you got it sorted.