Just the Mixer Please

I know that Cubasis is out there now for IPad users which is great for those mobile muso’s. However, I would barely use it having spent loads on my home set up and therefore do as much as I can from there. What would really help is to control my mixer remotely from the Ipad as a control surface. I have the Cubase IC but just controlling the transport bar remotely is not really helping. Please can we get a mixer app on the go? I have AC 7 core loaded but that’s clumsry. Also using the drum pads can’t be too taxing for the brains of the company? It just seems that Steinberg is reticent to get this really useful thing out there? Is it because they have spent millions developing that herd of white elephants called CMC’s? Come on guys. You can’t have possibly missed this trick for us loyal Cubase users, surley it must have occurred to you this sort of thing could only be a real asset.

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Posted a request for this in the “Feature Requests” section for C7.

I use V-Control Pro (also have AC 7 and Lemur and others) and it does a great job but a dedicated Cubase app that shares graphic and is specific for Cubase functions would be fantastic.