Just the sound card?

I just bought the tascam-1800 that comes with cubase le5 . Now i found out that i need a sound card better than the one i already have. But just to be sure thats the only problem i need some expert advice.

I am still able to record through 2 mic inputs out of the 16 that it has. when i try to playback what i just recorded i cant hear anything.

like i said i know i need a better sound card but could it be anything else im doing wrong?

This is my first time buying and using a audio interface by the way and i would appreciate any thoughts on this.

Not sure this is your problem, but you have to disable the “monitor” function on the channels you’re recording on, for playing back what you’ve recorded. It’s the little “speaker” icon on each recording channel.



The US-1800 has 8 mic inputs and 6 line inputs and you should be able to record them all simultaneously.

You also need to have some speakers attached to the US-1800 to hear anything.

It is obvious that you have to read up on the basics of Cubase, have you selected the Tascam Asio driver and configured the vst-connections? If not this has to be done in order to use all the channels and to let function “direct monitoring”