Just three little questions

Just a couple of months ago I have started using Pro Tools yet once more after being away for 6 years.
Now I must admit that I much prefer Nuendo and being more comfortable and way faster on it.
However, there are little things that for the life of me I am not able to figure out. ( in Nuendo )
None is a biggie of course…just wondering;

  1. how can I make the playhead cursor more visible/ thicker and/ or colored ?
    2)I love the way how one can create multiple different types of tracks and name them all in one shot (PT)
    Is there a way in Nuendo ?
    3)color selector for tracks in PT. I find Nuendo’s implementation limiting and pretty ugly looking, unless I spend time
    to re-shade. Any way to view an alternate palette set ?

Follow this for an excellent color pallete a user has made.

Not that I can find

You can create and label multiples of the same kind, but not for Example… Stereo, mono, Midi, etc all at the same time. I could see situations when this would be really helpful. I sped up my workflow by making key command short cuts for “Created Audio track” or “Create Folder track” etc. Sadly I don’t see a way of getting the project logical editor to do this, that would be nice!

You can create your own custom color pallet, set it as your system default, and even make old projects use your default color scheme. If you have troubles with that, or want some more details, let me know.

Have fun,

Awesome johngar !
This thread goes way back. Does it work on current Nuendo 7.035 OK ?
Btw, just as I am posting this, went to change your user name color…and seen the selection on this very forum.
Even that would be so much better.

Next update SB ? Pretty please :wink:

Here are some more colors which I use in my sessions:


Oh well…
Thanx so much guys.
Unfortunately as I see it, there are no real solutions for the questions I have asked in my first post;

  1. no

  2. no

  3. I did download that Cubase set which was kindly recommended. However, I did not find an option to import/apply in a current project. Unless it is another buried menu somewhere.

N7 colors.JPG

  1. In preferences, under Transport. There is a Cursor Width setting. Unless they removed it in version 7.
  2. Set up a template with everything you might need already loaded. Hide what you don’t need in folders.

What did you download ? name ??
if it is an XML, you would have to merge it into your ram presets file. done incorrectly you could make your version of Nuendo unstable.

If the file has a .cpr extension it is a Cubase file. You can change the .cpr to .npr then open the project.
If you like the colors in that project you can make this set your defaults (see your jpg attachment) “save currents set as program defaults”.

Colors can be local (contained only within a project) or global (color defaults). As long as you have a project that contains your “Old” colors you can open any project and use it’s colors locally or make them the defaults. If you want to go back to the “old” default set, open that project and make them system defaults. If you open a project that has colors you don’t like, you can apply your default colors (using the menu from your picture) “load program defaults to current set”

it is much safer to import colors from a Nuendo project than trying to hack your system’s XML files. I can always post an npr of my color set. It is in transition at the moment because I have found that it is easier to see white print over background color instead of black print. I am darkening all my default colors to force the print to become white.

Let me know if this helps, or is just confusing.


After you load that Cubase project you downloaded, save it as a Nuendo project. Then in that Nuendo project, under the Color menu, select: " Save Current Set as Program Defaults"
Then open a new Nuendo Project or a Nuendo Template, then under the color Menu select: " Load Program Defaults to current Set". Then you will have all the colors, then I would save this in a Nuendo Template so you have them for every new project you start.
Good Luck

2)I love the way how one can create multiple different types of tracks and name them all in one shot (PT)
Is there a way in Nuendo ?

That was my original question #2.
It seems that our beloved N7 is years behind in this very simple, productive and time saving task…
Is this being worked on…implemented in the next release ?