Dear colleagues, after months spent to find the right setup to improve my workstation, i finally found it. so i want to share my happiness with you.

32bit/88200hz session
160 audio tracks (some with inserted plugins)
7 fx tracks
Halion sonic with 8 programs working together
Perfect drums vst instrument
Buffer size: 64
2.177 input latency
0.888 output latency

No clips, no glitches, system stable.

Cubase pro 9.0.5
Hd native pcie
2 Ada 8xr prism
1 avid hd omni
Windows 10 pro
Intel i9 10900 kf
64 giga ram
Main hard disk pci 1tb samsung 970 pro
Slave hard disk ssd 2 tb samsung 870 qvo pro

Well I‘m happy that you are happy:)

Thank you!
a cubase pro based workstation working is possible!