Just to say thank you

Thanks to Christian Thielen of Steinberg support for the help regarding my activation problem.

Fantastic and thank you…looking forward to making some more noise again with my limited musical ability.
I would like to say thanks to Steinberg for making Cubase in the early 90’s for the Atari ST…learned so much with that program…actually more about music than I thought would be possible from just a ‘sequencer’.
In fact, Steinberg was the cause of everything concerning my passion for making music…it’s all your fault…the sotfware was so damn good I soon realised just how good a musically inept writer could sound…it was like having up to sixteen musicians performing brilliantly upon the slightest command.
Anyway, best wishes to my fellow Cubase users upon striving to accomplish the goal of capturing the ever too elusive pinnacle of musical perfection concerning the unity of sound and passion…and thanks again Christian.


How very well said, you’ve summed it all up for many of us I am sure. I did not start with Steinberg, but I am a believer now. :sunglasses:

I’ve got to join in as well. I started with Cakewalk back in the late 80s. I struggle with Cubase occasionally but it’s my fault, I don’t seem to be learning the higher level basics with infrequent ( weekly ) use. It’s kind of like 14th in my list of things to do every week. That’s never enough time to learn much for something so potentially complex. But enjoying all of what has come so far

Soooo true.

Yes yes yes yes yes!!


+1 BachsApprentice

Well, now that I’m here, I might as well dedicate my first post to the folks at Steinberg! Have worked with versions of Cubase before on a more hobby basis, now I’m sort of following my musical dream through the use of Cubase artist 7.5 (and endless hours of utter creative bliss and frustration, you know the drill). Hopefully for many many years to come, because that would mean the vision has become a reality. Anyhow, before I go out on this forum complaining about stuff that isn’t working, I just wanted to express my gratitude about all the good stuff that actually is. :slight_smile:

Now, where do they serve the beer here?

Welcome Kashi.

Good way to start out here - the positive first!

The beer is in the gardens - in Bavaria! Haha!

Welcome, BachsApprentice

And +1 from me, too.

Best wishes