Just toggling plugins presets creates ASIO spikes & crackles


I have a problem with some plugins, mainly Waves Q-eq and Arturia Laboratory and Jupiter. As soon I click on plugin arrow to toggle its presets - ASIO overloads on the performance meter (F12) and click and pops & crackle hears. Often this shows then:

“CPU Overload/Audio drop out detected.”

This happens when I have latency 64 HWB, 311 Samples, 44.1kHz, 16 bit (6,4ms) OR lower. At higher latency this doesn’t happens so often.

I have quite powerfull PC with 'optimized Win 7 Pro (64bit), i7 950 @ 3.07GHz, 6GB Dominator, Nvidia geForce 8400 GS with latest drivers, Scope 3DSp card with 5.1 drivers and 256GB SSD.

I have searched the forum for some similar issues and I could see that some has actually been fixed by updating graphic card driver. I’m using Nvidia geForce 8400 GS with latest drivers.

I’m not sure if this is a graphic card related or not, so I’m trying to first isolate the source of problem. Therefore I’m asking the community here to give some inputs on possible solution etc. I’m willing to buy a new card of necessary, just to get rid of this problem. In that case please suggest some good fan-less graphic card.

Maybe somehow audio card latency settings have some impact on that graphic card?

I will really appreciate any help. Thanks in advance.