Just updated, but why I am getting different icon colour?

Just updated, but why I am getting different icon colour? is there any preference settings?

some are black and some are white…

Looks likes the Folder Track icons are consistently white while all other track icons are consistently black.

not really
some folder tracks are black and others white.
even with instrument track icons

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I’m sorry. You’re absolutely right.
I might need new glasses or my false assertion was a testament to how difficult it is for some to distinguish individual elements in Cubase 13? Either way, don’t mind me.
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AFAICS, It depends of the track color. Here is what I get with my usual track default background for folders (RGB 137/149/158) :

… and this is what I get when I set it at RGB 33/35/38 :


inconsistent icon colours… in 13 PRO VERSION… that does not make sense at all haha anyway good to know thank you

Think it was like this before the update. If your tracks are lighter colors, its black, if its darker, its white. The same thing happened when you flipped through the preset color schemes as well.

After updating to Cubase Pro 13, the track icons at the very beginning are displayed in black. This is not normal and apparently cannot be changed in the settings. In all tutorials, the track symbols are also displayed in white. Does anyone know why this happens?

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