Just updated from 10.5-11...Jeez, that was stressful!

Given all the reported problems - watching the license update on the eLicenser I was literally gritting my teeth expecting it to fail! Thank god it worked!

Anyone else want to share their glory?

Before you contact support (as I mistakenly did as I was half anticipating problems before they even happened!) you get two emails from the Steinberg Shop - one contains the Download Access Code and one is your Activation Code (for your eLicenser). Make sure you enter the correct code in the eLicenser as if you enter the wrong one you will get an an error message saying your eLicenser software is old (even if it is the latest version!)

I don’t remember there being a DAC last year but maybe there was and I’ve just forgotten. Who cares? On with the show! I breathe again!