Just updated to 10.0.30 and wavelab crashes on start [SOLVED]

As the title says. Was working fine, just did the update and now it crashes on startup. Maybe a plugin, who knows. I have it set to load the last project. Maybe that’s the problem. How can I make it open a blank project instead of trying to load the last project? Maybe that will help me at least open the program again.

After a couple hours of moving individual files from my old Preferences to a fresh install, the problem is with the old MasterSectionPreset.dat file. This file now crashes the latest update. Worked fine in 10.0.20.

How do I fix it? Thanks!

Press and hold Command key in OSX) while starting WL. That will present the original options dialogue.

That seemed to work. Once I did that once then I closed Wavelab, dragged the old MasterSectionPreset.dat back in and now it’s opening correctly. Thanks!