Just updated, Where is Groove Agent SE?

Hi All, I just updated from 6.5 to 8.0.5 pro yesterday and Groove Agent SE is missing. I did a full install ( 9GB zipped and 12 GB upzipped). I can see files for GAse in Media Bay but it’s not in the VST Rack options. If I click on its files in Media Bay it opens a blank VST instrument in the rack and MIDI track connected to nothing. Is there a separate install for GAse?

It’s not that I really wanted to use it ( I use Superior Drummer and SSD4) but I’m a little concerned that there might have been a problem with the installer. Everything else has been working (except I dont have a working metronome (which is huge!))

Steinbergs installer is intelligent and new that, and that’s why it didn’t install it :laughing:

Did you have the box checked for all components during the install?
Perhaps run it again, or copy the missing files from the installation files by hand.

see also http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=226&t=75931 it’s usually a good idea to peruse the forum before posting, you will often find others who might have the same problem, and with luck find a solution. :wink:

Hi Ekus,

please check if you have the “Groove Agent SE.dll” in this path: “C:\Program Files\Common Files\Steinberg\Shared Components\Groove Agent SE”

If not, then it hasn’t been installed. You can install it manually from the full installer. The .msi files for both 32 and 64 bit versions can be found here: “F:\Cubase 8 for Windows\Additional Content\VST Sound”

Hope this helps!


Thanks BriHar, yes I did a full install as I’ve always done and didn’t untick anything. and yes I did a search and found those threads but didn’t seem to help.

Luis, it looks like it wasn’t installed, I just have a Halion Sonic SE folder (and the PlayVSTx64.dll) in there. When I I do an install again (repair and modify) I get some options like Help files, Desktop shortcut, scripts, VST plugins (GAse is not in any of these submenus) Project templates, Start menu short cut, program files, and program presets. So re installing didnt help either

BUT I did notice in the Additional content/VST Sounds that the sounds are there a lot of FCP_SMT files (some include GAse stuff and GA ONE as well as others) but no .msi files

There is also a ton of installers for many vstis including GA se 64 bit as well as GAse, GAse Acoustic Agent, GAse Content and GAse Rock Pop toolbox drums.

Should I run the GAse 64 bit installer from this folder? others? BTW I’ve only installed the 64bit version of Cubase 8Pro

thanks for you help

Hi Ekus,

check on “Windows Control Panel / Programms and Features” which programs you are actually missing. You should have there “Steinberg Groove Agent SE 64bit”, “Steinberg Groove Agent SE Acoustic Agent” and “Steinberg Groove Agent SE Content”. Then just run the .msi files from the ones you don’t have there.

If you only have CP8 in 64bit, then you don’t need to install GASE in 32bit.

All the best

Ok it worked, just used the 3 installers from the Addtional content/vstsound library. I’m glad I did this, as I’ve already found some pretty cool kits that arent the normal acoustic rock kits etc. Thanks!

Hi Guys,
I’ve got a similar issue with Cubase. I’ve upgraded from Cubase AI 9.5 to 10 and I can’t see either Groove Agent or Halion. I’ve tried to download the updates but it looks like it only updated the “Groove Agent Content SE” but it says that Groove agent is not installed. How can that be possible if I was using these plug ins all the time before. Does someone know a way to fix this problem? I have tried everything possible. Maybe there is a solution I don’t know yet. Please help me