Just Upgrade from HS to H4 finally available in US!

Wow, 708page pdf…Steinberg must have really included some features or either they just had a lot of explaining to do. We will see. So far so good. The upgrade was simple and straight forward. Bought the download version since I already had Halion Sonic. Gonna put it though it’s paces while completing the current cd project I am working on. Looking forward to it!!! Any standout stuff will be commented on in this forum. Using it with Cubase 6.

Is it me or does Halion 4 got a little cpu hog in it? Had to adjust my buffer size while using it and I have not even processed any effects yet. Have an iMac with 8 gb ram and 2Tb hd and Intel Core 2 Duo 3.06 ghz

Downloading H4 here in the USA. Sweet deal as an ower of HALion Sonic v2 :smiley:

More comments to follow.

The H4 manual in English is 168 pages . . . the rest is duplicated in three other languages, that’s why it’s 708 pages.