Just upgraded to Nuendo from Cubase, but Video doesn't work

Just upgraded to Nuendo from Cubase 8 in the middle of a film project, but the video doesn’t work in Nuendo (laggy, freezes). Worked fine in Cubase. Now my entire Film Post prod is dead in the water. Is this product seriously marketed as a premium Film and TV Post prod tool when it can’t even play video??? Like buying a TV that doesn’t come with a screen.

Someone please tell me there’s a fix out there, before I dump this and buy ProTools after having the product for less than 24 hrs. Been a Steinberg fan for 30 years but this has just killed it.

(What’s the point of paying an extra $400 for two video tracks, when it can’t even play one?)


Running both Cubase 10.5 and Nuendo 10 here and video works fine in both. Very few clues in your post that could help determine the cause of your issue, however. Perhaps elaborate a bit? Start with the platform, Mac or PC, which may attract the right help.

Same here…there’s probably something wrong with your system or a software/codec conflict.

  1. Put your system info in your sig.
  2. Whatever you don’t put in your sig, add it to the post in which you’re asking for help.
  3. Add what codecs you’ve tried and in what wrappers, as well as resolution etc.

Video works just fine in Nuendo 10 but in PT it is so poor we use video slave to run video with PT.

windyweekend- you have made multiple posts on the same topic, so some have been removed. To get some solution, do what MattiasNYC and others have suggested so people can help you. Also please read this

Here’s my system:

Windows 10 i7-7700 4 core 32GB Ram Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 Nuendo 10.2.20
Cubase user since Steinberg Pro24…
Nuendo user last Sunday…

The video file is a 1080 H264 29.97fps file.

Let me know if there’s other info that might help


If you want to treat it as “a premium Film and TV Post prod tool” then I highly recommend converting from H264 to DNxHD.

I don’t have any other input to solve your current problem. I’ve moved away from H264 because it’s a generally crappy format for work I find, even though it worked on my Nuendo 8 setup.

Okay. Thanks. I’m going to do some DNxHD conversion on the video and get the Decoder for Nuendo and see where that goes.

Or try ProRes. For Prores, you don’t need the decoder license.


ProRes has never failed on me yet…

I think is good idea to add a video transcoder application in the arsenal tools. You will be able to resize resolution and re-encode video files that best fit your computer specs. On Mac platform I can confirm that both Compressor and EditReady work amazing.

You are on Windows, so this is your best shot:

Created by a forum member; the best video toolkit out there.


And it works just as good on Mac to.

Thanks for the suggestions folks. I downgraded the video res and it started working kind of. Will play around with the other tools as well.

Convert your video to ProRes or DNxHD and you should have no problems.
The official word on supported video formats can be found here:

Yeah, those supported video formats don’t reflect reality. I’ve tried a number of those and none of them work. Seriously considering backing out to Cubase 8 at this point and put the eight days of pain behind me. Nuendo is kind of useless if I can’t get it to sync video and audio together. Prores will be my last shot tomorrow…

Seems to me DNxHD and ProRes seems to work for most people.

What’s your computer ‘subsystem’ look like? Could it be that you’re transcoding to a resolution that’s too much for your video drive or something like that?

I’ve had issues on some Macs where the first codec would just kill the CPU (H.264) and the newer DNxHD would work fine unless it was too ‘fat’.

Its not Nuendo that is not working Windyweekend.
You have to find the problem elsewhere.

Been using Nuendo for film/tv sound since 2007. It works great with video if you know what you do.
Use standard Frame rates, resolutions and good professional codecs like prores and it will all work just fine.

Just converted to Prores using the Audiospot tool and it appears to be work fine now in Nuendo. I guess I’d been used to using H264 for so many years (which worked great in Cubase 8 and lower) and felt my change resistors rebelling here. I’ve typically stuck to the composing but due to the C19 restrictions found myself getting asked to do some of the post audio work in addition to the music. Been a new learning curve, but a fun one! I figured rather than spend $200 to upgrade Cubase I might as well spend an extra $200 and go the whole way to Nuendo.

Thanks so much for everyone’s help. Other than needing a bigger hard drive, and a few lessons in patience, I think I’m good now.