Just want an empty grand staff


I’ve been using Dorico for a couple of months now to create help sheets for my students.

At the moment I just want an empty grand staff. No time signature, no rests… nothing.

I seem to be able to hide the time signature however Dorico wants to make sure that the 1st bar conforms to the time signature. For example just now when it’s empty I have a full bars rest. If I add a minim/half note I get a rest automatically generated to fill the bar.

Can anyone please help me create an empty, 1 bar grand staff with nothing in it?

Hi Wuntunpunch!
Dorico is “clever” as you’ve noticed… What you want to do requires some workaround : select the full bar rest, and in the properties panel (bottom panel), use the tools on the left : scaling (scale to 1%) and color (change opacity to 0)
Please read Dan Kreider’s guide, watch Anthony Hughes’ video in the YouTube Dorico channel… This is a complex app, it DOES need some learning curve. But it will be rewarded :wink:
Hope this helps

You can also hide bar rests in layout options, Players section, consolidate bar rests or something like that. Took me a while to figure out where it was.

The attached jpg is made like this.
Timesignature 4/4, set above the stave and custom size set to 0%.
In > Layout Options > Players : Show bar rests unchecked
In > Layout Options > Casting off : Fixed bars per system : 1

Dear Douwe,
There’s no jpeg attached.

oops, now it is

Yes, perfect, thanks !