Just wondering...what is your primary use

I was wondering with all the Cubasis users here, what do you currently believe your primary Cubasis use will be. My thought , and I may find it limited currently, BUT… I am trying to get my setup to provide reasonable live recordings,mostly two jazz guitars or acoustic “unplugged classic rock” styles in a live setting

I am not savvy with this technology so it is always a new discovery day to day but my first few attempts were quite good. I also think that we are in possession of an app that will continue to develop into a substantially powerful tool.
In another post I’d mentioned that Alesis claims they are expanding their iOS hardware line as will other hardware manufacturer styles. So things are rapidly changing and developing

I have not yet upload anything to Cubase 7 in the home basement studio for editing but that will come .

I think the primary use of a DAW on a portable device such as the iPad will depend on the way developers see these devices. Luckily, it looks like devs start understanding that an iPad for example has all it takes to be regarded a very reasonable semi professional base rig for serious “on-the-road” production. This is also helped by very high-class outboard equipment like iOS products built by Apogee, and more and more of them are coming. As soon as IK Multimedia support Audiobus, Cubasis will be able to replace my entire desktop rig up to the point when it comes to mastering which I have always done using Wavelab and two sets of decent speakers.