Just wondering when Wavelab 10 is due for release?

Just wondering???

Any thoughts on what will be added or changed?

Thanks in advance!

Sorry, it’s too early to speak about this. I just want to say, that requests are listened to.

My guess is end of Oct

wonder will it be called wavelab 10 or wavelab x or something else?

My guess is end of Oct

Don’t expect anything this year, except a 9.5.40 update.


Thanks for the information. Much appreciated.

Good to know. 9.5.3 fuctioning pretty well over here, getting work done every day.


Oh, btw, how do we submit feature requests and improvements? Here?


Yes, just start a new topic with ‘Feature Request’.

When is the update due? Thanks in advance

9.5.40 is due end of november.


Any update on the date of the 9.5.40 update? What changes or updates can we expect? Thanks in advance!

9.5.40 fixes a couple of bugs. Most of them reported in this forum. The version will come later this month.

We are almost at the end of the month. One week to be exact till 11/30. FWIW

Next week should be it.

The 9.5.40 update is live:


Is 10 coming soon?

We have been told of another upcoming update to 9.5 around the end of March, So appreciably later than that…