Just you and me

I’ve been writing some countrish songs for my band lately. here’s a pre production of song #1

Good stuff Dave. I’m feeling the southern vibe there :sunglasses:

Thanks it’s my old country rock influence coming through. Mixed in with a fake southern drawl lol

I like it. that’s a nice clean, well balanced mix and production. I like that you threw that
curveball chord change in there during the bridge, though it may confuse the cowpokes. :slight_smile:

While I could hear the kick drum and bass clearly, and they had ‘some’ punch, I believe you could
add more in the low register to move a little more air - add a bit more energy to the mix.

Good stuff, Dave!



Very, very good. :sunglasses:

Bump :slight_smile:



really liked it :slight_smile:

Thanks guys. The song is evolving and I’m going to be doing a 2 part harmony on the chorus with the female singer in my band, I raised the pitch my chorus vocal part, it gives it a whole other dimension. We’re still working out the fine details of the song arrangement, she suggested doing an acapella w drums vocal part on the breakdown after the bridge so we’ll see which way it goes.

Lenny lol on the confused cowpokes :astonished:

Hi Dave,

Sounds good so far.
I’m curious to hear where you’re going with this song.


Looking forward to the end results. I like the tight, clean and up close performance in this…aswell as the song! :smiley: