Justification issue

How do I fix this over-justified system (without turning of justification)?

Hi @GeirSol
There are many different methods.

-One that you can use (at the the end of your music input and layouting) is the Concertina dragging:

Here a short visual explanation (you need to press alt during the dragging):
CleanShot 2024-01-25 at 16.31.12

-Also I noticed that you have your copyright in the page (that is not the first page). You can edit your Default page template and eliminate the copyright Text frame, so that the Music frame has more space.

-Another Method is to create a personalized Default page template, where you drag down a little the upper Music frame margin, and apply this template to the pages that are a little too full on the upper system due to many elements one over the other as rehearsal marks, ornaments, etc…)

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Are we talking about horizontal or vertical justification?

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In what way is it “over-justified”? You need to Alt-drag the system anchor at the top down a bit, to stop the Rehearsal Mark crashing into the header. But that would need doing even if the system wasn’t justified.

Or you could increase the top margin, for all pages.


It’s justified too much so it exceeds frame margin.
In fact when unjustified the frame is 81,2% full. But, you’re right about the top staff being in same location.

I do not want the distance between each staff to remain as is, I want all om them to become smaller (The last staff should stay in same position)

Ok, yes, after looking closer av your video, I managed to get what I wanted. Perfect :slight_smile:

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May I ask what the page does look like now?
I’m afraid I did not quite understand the task at hand…

Hi @Estigy
Concertina Dragging (as explained in the link to the manual) make possible to move the vertical position of the staves proportionally on a particular page/music frame, shrinking their distances by a proportional amount, so that the upper stave, that is filled with elements that are a little to high (colliding with the header of the page) goes a little lower, making space for such elements. And the overall distance of the staves for that page will maintain their proportions, just a little tighter. You can see the result on my example gif at the end of it, where at the end the upper staff is a little lower that the default distance dictated by the extension of the music frame of the page template, to make space to the extra elements on top of the System.