Justification of final system

I’m using Dorico Elements 3.5.

One of the parts in my project was printing with a short final system. I’ve fixed that by unchecking the justify final system checkbox in Layout Options. However, although the final system now runs the full width of the page, it still only contains two very wide bars. What I was hoping for was for the bars to be arranged evenly between the systems . Is there another setting I need to make to achieve this?

In Elements you only have two options, really:

  1. Add system breaks manually (they’re on the Edit menu in Elements) or
  2. Experiment with the top number (space for a quarter/crotchet) in Layout Options > Note Spacing.

In Pro there are Note Spacing Changes, which allow the spacing to change with whatever frequency you like.

If I add a system break, it affects all the instruments in the flow! I only want to adjust one of them.

Where are you adding the System Break, in the Score or the specific part Layout?

In the score - sorry, I didn’t realise there was anywhere else I could do it. How would I add it in a part layout - is that something in Layout Options?

Select the appropriate part layout (the pull-down at the top of the screen), and edit away. Although some changes (e.g. note pitches) may transfer back to the score, layout changes should not.

Here’s some info about switching between the layout shown in the current tab, and here is info about opening up separate tabs. You might also want to read up about layouts here, and how they interact with flows and players here.

Brilliant - thank you all!