Justification of Quotation Marks

Feature Request:

Currently, Dorico will treat single and double quotation marks as part of the text when justifying lyrics. Would it be possible to change the default behavior so that quotation marks are “ignored” for justification purposes?

Image on the left would typically be found in a hymnal. Image on the right is Dorico’s default.

This would be great. I think this is known as “hanging punctuation.” InDesign, for example, has an option to do this automatically.

Dorico does not yet support hanging punctuation when deciding how to align lyrics, but I hope we will be able to include this in future.

Does Dorico v. 2 have hanging punctuation?

Hi, EricC.
The Version History Document lists all changes in great detail, and hanging punctuation was not part of this update.

Thank you, Estigy!

Yes please. This was on my list of things to ask.