Kappas vaan

Here’s a little experimental tune. ‘Kappas vaan’ is Finnish and could be translated ‘Well, well’.

Kappas vaan

Well! The general idea of ​​the piece is quite interesting, it all sounds rather ‘Live’ and that’s very good too. I like the sound of the guitar too.

However, it looks more like an improvisation than a piece with a well-defined form. It’s very good, but the theme deserves to be developed a little more and the thematic sections should be better defined and structured so that we don’t have the impression of diving into improvisation after 30 seconds of music.

There is a lot of potential with this musical idea and it should be developed further. It could turn out to be really interesting. Good continuity!

Rene, thanks for taking the time to listen and give feedback. You are quite right about thematic development. I experimented with Logic pro session pianist/bass player taking a structure I had noodled on guitar. Why is this then on ’Made with Steinberg’ area someone may ask. I am using Steinberg Wavelab for mastering. So, even though this has not been recorded in Cubase, it is still produced/mastered using Steinberg sw.

Added a little section before the solo part - added also a flute. As this piece leans on the prog rock side maybe this could an intro to a song :smiley:


It doesn’t matter what software you use to compose your music. What is important is the result.

Progressive music is not limited in length, so your piece could have an intro, one or two themes, improv sections, a thematic recapitulation and an outro. The length of each section depends solely on your creativity. Whether the piece lasts 4, 5 or 10 minutes, it doesn’t matter, as long as the music succeeds in captivating the listener.

Whatever one says or thinks, music requires a structure, an organization in order to guide the listener’s listening.

Good luck!

I fully agree with you. I am maybe a bit too eager to publish bits and pieces which are not completed but rather work in progress.