Kapriz -instrumental

Hi everybody!

Here my new instrumental song Kapriz.

Idea behind of this melody is simple - scandal between two person and reason is CAPRICE.
Like all conflicts starts from few strong words and later “snowball” became bigger and bigger, fight louder and hotter…
So it is what about this song with no words.

All was recorded with Cubase 8, some drums are from GrooveAgent, some real cymbals and some real drum sounds were recorded with one mic.Guitars also were recorded with one mic.
I hope you will like it and enjoy by listen it.
Thank you.


Hi Ruslan, it does sound like you put a lot of effort into this! I like it. It may be a little loose with regard to tempo and so forth, but I appreciate the spirit! Keep posting!

Early21 - thank you for your opinion.

Yes, there are some issues,but i spent so much time with that song, that i was just lazy to correct it, i thought if i start to record again and again over and over - i will never finish it.
Thank you again!

nice work…enjoyed it

Agreed, nice piece!

Thank you guys for your kind words!

Im very glad that you like it!

Very nice!

Thank you DavidRavenMoon !

yeh ,i missed this one, very good .

Thank you polgara!