Karaoke and cdg files

I have an elderly singer coming in to make an album and the only way he can sing the song is with the karaoke lyrics so he can see the words and get the timing. I have lots of karaoke mp3 files files complete with the cdg files for the lyrics. Is there any way I can get them working in cubase 6? Or can anyone give me a work-around.

This is for mac users. There is an app called Smart Converter (free) that will convert the cdg file into a movie file. The only problem is that it converts the frames per second to 300. To overcome this put the converted file through quicktime and reduce it to say 25 fps. When importing into cubase select the new frame rate in project set-up then set up a video track and run it with the mp3 audio file.

Many thanks John that was a great help!

Great idea!

For PC users you can covert CD+G files to AVI movie file using http://download.cnet.com/Power-CD-G-to-AVI-Converter/3000-2140_4-35727.html