A song I wrote and performed for a Russian friend. Hope you like.


OMG, reminds me of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody on so many levels!

Good stuff :slight_smile:

Thanks Bane! Actually, it was composed that way because she likes Queen. :slight_smile:

very clever stuff, love your guitar playing .the concept of the song reminded me of a frank zappa approach with the queen type part being sandwiched between a smooth tune,i could almost hear zappa announcing Ray White on vocals ,by the way great vocals ,if it were ever a hit you’d probably owe some royalty to brian may for the headbanging riff though , good stuff,and nice recording

Thanks, I appreciate that! This was def a spinoff of the Queen feel and yes, that riff was a ripp off. :slight_smile: That’s what she wanted. Funny you should mention Zappa. I grew up through his era too.

Got feelings from this track. thanks. love the bass and intro. kept me hooked to the end. sounds well produced

Thank you Tex! :slight_smile:

just getting soundcloud opening page…Kevin

Sorry Kevin, had to edit the link. Should be ok now.

Very clever and acomplished work…love the harmonies and great singing…part of it is just too much of a queen rip of though…just too close!! the rest is original with a queen feel and rather excellent…Kevin

Thanks Kevin. I agree on the Queen cloning. The woman I wrote it for wanted the Queen atmosphere as they are her favorite. She got it. :slight_smile:

she certainly did…

A nice Queen pastiche, well done.

The only thing that bothers me is the autotune (or melodyne?) on the vocal.
Gives it an unnatural sound compared to the rest of the sounds.

Other than that, great job! :sunglasses:


Thanks Wim!

Apparently, you caught the 2 spots I used Melodyne (a line in the front and one on the back end) in the solo vocal. All the harmonies are natural. I have very little vibrato unless I force it. Being as I overdubbed all the vocals, using the same voice sometimes makes it sound processed. I also work live with a lot of sequenced tracks so I tend to sound robotic myself. lol

Very cool! the song has a solid arrangement and you definitely captured the Queen vibe you were going for. I bet your Russian friend really liked it!

Thanks Andre! She did! :slight_smile:

You’ve accomplished a lot with this song, and though it clearly copies the style of Queen it is still an original composition. You must be a big Queen fan, I still think to this day it was the best live show I’ve ever seen in my live, nothing can ever beat that. It’s not easy to put together all those harmonies and timing it and getting it perfect, you did a fantastic job. Michael.

Thank you Michael! Queen was among many influences I had growing up. I never saw them live but I would trade places with you on the night that you did. :slight_smile:

Really good production and performance. Nothing wrong to be influenced by Queen. We’re all influenced by someone.
Once again very well done.

Thanks mate!