KB-1 Midi Scale Keybord not working in Cubasis 3.02

Hi all,

Just upgraded to Cubasis 3 and have noticed that the Midi AUv3 KB-1 isn’t working. It works fine in Cubasis 2 so something seems to be screwy with it in ver3. I use it for its scale capabilities and am missing it!

Any ideas? I noticed when you press a key on the KB-1 it doesn’t send a note on - just a note off (I checked this by putting a midi monitor AUv3 just after it)

Could someone please check this and tell me if it’s just my setup?


Hi Jed,

Please provide us with a full bug report, to allow our engineers evaluating the problem.


Bug Reporting Form

  1. Summary/Title
    (Provide a short but descriptive sentence that summaries the issue or feature request)

  2. Description
    (Provide a detailed description and list the step by step process to reproduce the issue to help the team to understand and reproduce the problem)

  3. Expected Results
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  4. Actual Results
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  5. Environment
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Same here… anyone else?

Details follow…

Thanks for doing that Lee

Hi ltf3,

Did you check the available MIDI effect buttons (Rec to track, MIDI Thru), which are available in the MIDI effect rack?
Does using them help to solve the problem?


Oh boy… :blush:

Rec to track … turn it on and all works … just like it says on the button! All modes of KB1 seem fine here.

Classic confirmation bias I’m afraid. Thanks for the nudge though!

That’s different to my issue here - I get no midi note on’s from KB-1 at all when inserted as a midi effect all In C3. Fortunately Xequence AU/keys works in C3

For the record KB-1 works fine in C2 so for me it’s just a C3 issue

EDIT: I’m finding that it works occasionally if I play around with the KB-1 modes and turn it on/off etc, so I’ll try to find a repeatable recipe and report back


Hi Jed,
I reported similar issues with midi controller apps not working in Cubasis 3 whereas they work in Cubasis 2 (https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=300&t=182894&sid=1c12748b08363a534972fd0b3e17cca8)
In my case I am trying to record midi into C3 from a standalone midi controller app, but these problems are maybe related and hopefully the Cubasis team can identify soon where the problem is and fix it in a future update.

Thanks for chiming in Kim :slight_smile: