KB4505903 - this update is not applicable on your computer

Everything is ok but I get random spikes, I heard about KB4505903 who should fix it, I don’t see this update in my “update history” and downloaded manually from here:
I’m getting an Error “this update is not applicable on your computer”

Does anyone encounter this?

This update is for PCs that are currently running Windows 10 1903. Do you have that version? If you have a later Windows 10 version like 1909, then you would already have it. If your Windows 10 version is earlier than 1903 then you should probably install from “Windows Update”.

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I was on 1903 and couldn’t update manually, then I updated to 1909, are you sure ver 1909 includes KB4505903 ?

At the bottom of this link is another link that has a list of files installed for kb4505903. Check it out and let us know. Thanks


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Well some of the files I have and some don’t… :unamused:


The way I read it is that all of the Cumulative KB updates and Win version updates are just that… Cumulative.

So I would think you have the benefits of KB4505903 if you already have Win 10 (1909) installed.

If someone else thinks otherwise, I’m sure they will chime in here.

I do admit that KB4505903 is listed separately as an installed update in my Update History. But, so are may other later dated “Cumulative KB Updates” for version 1903 and the later update and Cumulative Updates for version 1909.

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