KC for Insert Markers not working?

Anyone experiencing the same?

When trying to insert markers with a key-command, it won’t work?
E.g. when pressing I and S immediately after each other, nothing happens?
A splice marker should appear.

The same counts -on my rig- with all the other marker-KC’s.
When I change the KC to a single keystroke-KC it actually works, but when using this 2 keystroke-KC, beginning with “I” , nothing happens…

Niek/ Amsterdam.

Is there another key command that uses only the letter I that is somehow confusing WaveLab?

There were a few key commands I used in WL 8.5 that needed to be adjusted for WaveLab 9 because of some conflicts.

Thanks Justin P,
I thought I checked it already, and although Wavelab didn’t say “Already used by…” I thought I was safe, but definitely the letter “I” was already taken by the ribbon’s KC “Activate Insert Commands” (which is actually part of the “insert marker”-menu)

That did the trick, thanks!

There is indeed a bug with the default marker shortcuts. That will be changed in 9.0.20.